About Us

Kiddet Technologies is a specialised technology solutions provider for the early years education space in Asia.

Our global team has been delivering solutions to Singapore’s enrichment and early years sector since 2016.

Our Services

Edtech products and curriculum licensing.

Early years consultancy, through our trusted pool of local and regional partners.

Localisation - localising your edtech product to suit Southeast Asia Markets.

Digitalisation training for teachers and staff


Ivy Cubs

Early Years & Elderly Curriculum

Ivy Cubs curates learning experiences with a focus on open-ended play and social emotional learning. We work with curriculum developers from all over the world to bring the latest in play-based curriculum to our partners.

Kiddet Marketplace

Data Systems & Access

Launched in 2016 as a marketplace for enrichment providers. Our system provided, booking, scheduling and reviews to 278 enrichment vendors. Reaching 32,000 users and supporting 84,000 children in discovering enrichment activities.

Exited December 2019

Kiddet EMS

Data Systems & Educator Support

A holistic system that supported our preschool partners in managing their after-school care activities. Digitising what was once a manual management and payment system. Our system effectively cleared trade debt and saved educators 8-12 hrs a week in administrative work. EMS system supported 220 SIngapore preschools, 45 enrichment providers, supporting 23,555 parents.

Exited February 2021

MMI Preschool

Digital Transformation

Consulting work to integrate digital processes into business management. Kiddet worked with preschool HQ to train and provide recommendations for onboarding staff for hardware and software upgrades.

RUTH a.i.

Inclusive Education & Assessment

In classroom support tool that provides personalised learning and social/emotional support to parents and teachers.

Our new product is in pilot stage, launched in five local preschools.

Our Social Purpose

In support of a community of curious, confident and creative kids.

In the products we develop and the advice we offer, Kiddet Technologies is committed to improving access to quality edtech products for the early years by supporting and building innovative edtech products. We believe that the aim of our education system is to create optimal learning environments for a child to be socially and emotionally comfortable to learn.

Some of the causes we are focused on:
Special needs inclusionEarly years accessEducator support and wellness

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Reach out to us at hello@kiddet.com for the latest in curriculum and edtech solutions

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