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The Rock School is Singapore’s first climbing centre designed, constructed and dedicated to kids of ages 4 to 14 years old. They aim to promote the sport of rock climbing in a fun and safe environment. The school was formed by a group of passionate climbers and educators with the common goal of spreading their love for climbing with the younger generation. For them, rock climbing is not simply a sport that strengthens people physically, but a lifestyle that develops us intellectually and socially.

Rock climbing is a great sport to build and maintain both fitness and mental strength. Some benefits include improving flexibilty, inculcating values on safety and responsibility, developing stronger character, improving physical fitness, productive channelling of youthful energy, burns calories, improving sense of balance and coordination, enhances physical focus, and instilling fun in sports

These benefits of rock climbing are further amplified by The Rock School's well-trained instructors who not only have the passion for the sport but also the patience and skills in handling kids while ensuring safety. With the well-maintained and checked equipment specially catered for kids, parents can have more confidence in allowing their kids to reach for greater heights!

Besides training kids to rock climb in a safe and fun environment, educational elements are also included in activities and programmes. In addition, time for family bonding is a significant part of The Rock School focus.
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