The GEM Museum
The Gem Museum is the first and most comprehensive of its kind in Singapore, featuring gems and minerals from around the world.

This privately owned museum is an initiative by Far East Gem Institute. Located in the centre of the arts and museum district, The Gem Museum showcases gemstones and minerals from all around the world in six main categories: Crystal systems, Organic gemstones, Phenomenal Gemstones, Rare Gemstones, Imitation and Synthetic gemstones. The museum also provides activities for young children from ages 4 to 12 years old. Their junior rockstars are also the first in Singapore to introduce earth science to the young ones.

The Gem Museum was founded upon the passion to educate gemology and to create a platform for gem lovers to share knowledge and experiences. It is the place where learning is highly favored and relationship building is strongly encouraged.
The GEM Museum
222 Queen St, #02-02, 188550
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