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Creative Art Trove recognizes that every child is a unique explorer, with different strengths, talents and interests. The programs enable the child to learn in a fun intelligent and creative manner by exploring and gaining exposure to a wide variety and diversity of disciplines through fun, engaging, experiential and interactive pedagogies.

The programs are crafted to enrich the child’s total learning experience by employing the visual arts to increase the child’s intellectual, social and emotional capacities.

- Build a secure, respectful and reciprocal relationship
- Have respect for diversity
- Recognize that exploration through purposeful play is essential to help optimize
- Children’s development and learning
- Reinforce learning through spiral learning

- Child develops artistic self-expression and appreciation leading him / her to a successful holistic and academic achievement
- Child equips with success skills, like critical and creative thinking, communication and collaboration skills in a globalised world
- Child develops to be resourceful and open-minded
- Child exposes to socio-cultural integration and interaction

- Holistic approach (Aesthetic and creative expression)
- Cater to the child’s different learning style (Integrated Learning Approach)
- Learning through purposeful play (Exploration and Experiment)
- Intentional teaching (Authentic learning through quality interaction)
- Safe and inducsive learning environment (Physical space, tools and software)

Seedztudio@Creative Art Trove
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