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Roboto Academy strives to provide young children and teenagers with the professional guidance needed to learn coding, all within a fun and friendly environment. With design-centric classes and a tailor-made curriculum to suit everyone, their students pick up programming fast, and can use the thinking skills they have developed to help them in all aspects of life.

Current mainstream efforts focus on late teens and young adults, with technical courses that start at the poly and university level. Roboto Academy believes coding lessons should start much younger so that young coders will have more time to acquire and naturalize the skills and concepts. They design their courses for children as young as 8, so that kids can really get to grips with the language of technology that they can build on as they go along.

However, they understand young children have more specific needs, such as a short attention span and a lower propensity to keep to a single task at hand. That is why their courses are structured with a holistic view of a child's needs, so that they can take advantage of all that Roboto Academy offers in a way that suits them.

Strong play elements are always present. Whether it’s through game activities, the use of visual aids, audio cues or the overall classroom setting, Roboto Academy always strives to make things as fun as possible for their students. Lessons are interspersed with several hands-on activities, and mundane segments never last too long. Activities are designed for both individual and group settings, to allow students their team working skills to solve problems with technology.

All the tools provided to their students are the best-in-class technology available on the market today, with no expense spared. A 1-to-5 teacher-student ratio is maintained for all courses, so that no one gets left behind in their lessons. Roboto Academy's Coding Instructors hold at least a Master's degree and have more than 10 years of teaching experience. A progressive and comprehensive suite of courses in their roadmap ensures young coders keep learning as they grow
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