Playeum's Children’s Centre for Creativity
The environments and activities within the Children’s Centre for Creativity, and for all of Playeum’s activities, have been carefully designed to encourage open-ended, exploratory learning and play. Its pedagogy most closely aligns with Reggio Emilia. This approach may be summarised as child-centred, with a focus on meaningful environments, the use of adult facilitators (not teachers), and carefully considered provocations to nurture and ignite children’s ideas and activities. Art and other ‘languages’ of expression are an integrated part of the children’s learning. Similarly, at the Children’s Centre for Creativity, there is a high level of artist involvement and the first experience, The Art of Speed, has been shaped by guest Creative Director Isabelle Desjeux.

Playeum is also an advocate and promoter of the voice and rights of children. They see children as authentic cultural citizens. Their Children’s Advisory Board provides a forum for children to take ownership of specific projects and to shape their direction.
Gillman Barracks
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