Pat's Schoolhouse
Since its establishment in 1988, Pat’s Schoolhouse has remained at the forefront of early childhood education in Singapore. Today, Pat’s Schoolhouse is renowned for excellence as a leading preschool provider for children aged 2 months to 6 years. Built on the continued support of our parents, Patricia’s vast experience and expertise, and the unwavering passion of her professional team to give of their very best, Pat’s Schoolhouse now runs 14 preschools and 1 infant care centre.

Believing that learning should be fun, hands-on as well as intellectually challenging, Patricia innovatively initiated and designed a unique, progressive and all-encompassing Bilingual Immersion Core Curriculum that integrates internationally renowned programmes with the requirements of the local school framework. Effectively delivered by both the English language and Mandarin language teachers as co-partners in the same classroom at the same time all the time, bilingual immersion facilitates language acquisition at a very young age as children are encouraged to interact within context throughout the day. In 2009, Pat’s Schoolhouse partnered US-based Kindercare and Knowledge Beginnings to launch Mandarin Immersion in the US, which is now offered in Sunnyvale and Sacramento, California; Chicago, Illinois; and Portland, Oregon.
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