Karpenko Gymnastics Academy
The mission of Karpenko Gymnastics Academy is to promote the beautiful sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics and help all athletes achieve their individual goals. They believe in each child's high potential, and respect each child's unique individual abilities. They believe in high professional coaching standards and an encouraging training environment that develop confidence and self-esteem in every child.

Karpenko Gymnastics Academy's programs are also great for female sport athletes that need to develop greater flexibility, a stronger core, stamina, balance and coordination. Their goal is to help every child reach their hopes, dreams and ambitions. They strive to create a positive environment for all students to set and achieve their own personal goals. Karpenko Gymnastics Academy is a place where all children can come and do what they love the most. They work to create both a nurturing, family environment within a professional gym. They strive to support healthy emotional, mental and physical growth by promoting confidence, discipline, healthy lifestyle and most importantly the acceptance of people from all walks of life.
Dance on Us Studio
8 Claymore Hill Road, #01-03/04/05, 8 on Claymore, 229572
UWC East Campus
1 Tampines Street 73, UWC East Campus Main Gymnastics Hall, 528704
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