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Explorer Junior was founded in 2012 in the National University of Singapore by 3 graduates who share a common keen interest in the early childhood education scene in Singapore. They believe that every child is a curious explorer, unique and special in their own way and should be given the tools, opportunity and environment to learn at their own pace.

The mainstream, one-size-fits-all education system that is prevalent in Singapore may not be able to maximise the potential of every unique child. The Explorer Junior™ Program aims to mitigate as we set out to research, design and develop a specialised set of pedagogy and monitoring methodology to spark and nurture the curiosity of every child, thereby discovering their unique interests and talents.

Explorer Junior™ Toys also selects and brings in interesting, safe and fun educational toys, which are carefully curated for young explorers to enjoy beyond their classroom.

The Explorer Junior program was conceived as a revolutionary early childhood education program for children from ages 2 to 6. At Explorer Junior, every child is treated as a curious explorer - each having their own interests and talents and are able to learn and develop at varying paces.

They strive to provide their explorers with an enriching experience that maps a journey towards their aspirations as Explorer Junior captures and nurture their curiosity to keep them engaged in learning. At Explorer Junior, they are continually committed to sparking your child’s curiosity to learn and acquire skills and motivation that will enable them to be the captain of their dreams.
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