Da Vinci Group
Da Vinci Group's mission as a premium educational and corporate training services provider is dedicated to cultivating and nurturing creativity in a competitive and globalized world. As society moves from the Information to the Conceptual Age, being innovative is of utmost importance to increase personal brand equity, remain productive and drive growth. The world needs fresh perspectives in the way it tackles growing problems such as an increasingly aging population and maintaining a competitive edge in human capital. ​

At Da Vinci Group, they believe that each individual has a right to actualise his/her potential. They possess the know-how to stimulate and foster creativity through marrying cutting edge neuroscience and psychological findings with the ancient art of pottery.
Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle
85 Lorong Tawas, 639823
Midview City
Blk 26, Sin Ming Lane, #02-127, 573971
Jalan Bahar Clay Studios
97L Lorong Tawas
, 639824
200 Turf Club Rd #04-11, 287994
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