Cohesion SG
Cohesion Singapore is a team building and entertainment agency which provides quality cohesion games that are suitable for group bonding and team building.

They provide fun and objective games for both public and corporates. They pride ourselves in being a one-stop service provider for cohesion games including Laser Tag, Archery Tag & Bubble Soccer.

On top of their quality facilitation of Laser Tag games, they provide suitable venues, catering and bus transportation services as well.

At Cohesion, they pride themselves in helping participants achieve the most fun out of their session, but are also wary of safety. All their games are non-contact games with a safety distance between participants that is strictly enforced by their friendly facilitators.

The Cohesion staff are well trained and go through a rigorous process before being allowed to conduct team-building games.
Offside @ Thomson
Offside Thomson, 2 Whitley Road, 297715
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