Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kiddet?
Kiddet is a discovery and booking platform for parents in Asia. Kiddet enables parents to discover and book enrichment classes, activities and events through their mobile phone.

Our mission is to work with exceptional partners to help parents discover activities that can enrich and transform their children’s lives.
Who founded Kiddet?
Kiddet was founded by Sanjey Chandran and Natalya Twohill.

Kiddet was borne out of our founders’ intimate knowledge of the early childhood education sector and understanding of the growing needs of parents. Our team built Kiddet with the millennial/multi-tasking parent in mind and their need to be able to search, discover, book and manage their family’s schedule from one source.
Where is Kiddet available?
Kiddet is currently available in Singapore. We will be expanding to Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand by early 2017.
How much does Kiddet cost?
Here at Kiddet, we are all about ensuring that we build a product that suits YOU.

This is why we implemented the "pay as you go" system. Parents will only pay for classes they book through the system.

No fuss, no commitment.
Is there a referral programme?
Yes, for every friend who signs up to Kiddet using your unique promo code, both of you will receive $10 in your Kiddet Wallet.
How do I pay for my sessions?
Sessions can be paid for through cash, credit card or Kiddet credits.

Cash payment option allows you to pay the vendor directly on the day when you arrive for your session. Do note that not all vendors accept cash payment.

Credit card payment option allows you to pay for the session when you book, meaning that all you have to do after is show up for the class and have fun!

Kiddet credits are dollar credits you earn from promo discounts and friend referrals. Kiddet credits are only applicable when you select credit card payment during the booking process. Please do not select cash as the payment method if you wish to use your Kiddet credit.
Do Kiddet credits expire?
Kiddet credits are valid for 3 months from the date of activation (when you add it to your wallet), so be sure to make the most out of them!
How do I use my Kiddet credits?
Simply enter in your promo code into your Kiddet wallet. When you next make a booking, pay using the credit card method and your Kiddet credits will be automatically deducted from your wallet.

Please note that Kiddet credits are not applicable when selecting cash payment.
How do I make a booking?
Search. Select. Book.

Users can search based on activity, age or location or any combination of the three. Select the class based on the search parameters that suit you best.

Click the "Book" button and you're done! You will get a confirmation email with your class booking.
What if I book a session but my Kiddet credits were not deducted?
To use your Kiddet credits, please ensure that you select credit card as your payment method. Kiddet credits will automatically be deducted first.

If your Kiddet credits are still not deducted after booking with the credit card payment method, do contact our customer service hotline at 3163 3381 or email
How are the classes, activities and events selected?
With a school advisory panel led by Modern Montessori International Group, Kiddet aims to bring parents a list of thoughtfully curated and qualified classes, activities and events suited for their children.
Is Kiddet a part of Modern Montessori International Group?
Kiddet is not a part of Modern Montessori International Group, but we work very closely with them to bring parents a list of thoughtfully curated and qualified classes, activities and events suited for children.
What is the age range of Kiddet activities?
On Kiddet, parents can find classes and activities for children aged between 0 to 12.
How do I keep track of my child’s classes?
Kiddet enables you to create more than one profile for each of your children. Selecting each child’s profile automatically filters the most age-appropriate classes.

Keep track of each child’s classes with our “Schedule” tab.
Is my credit card information secure?
We take security very seriously and have put measures in place to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of any information under our control. All purchases are transmitted over secure Internet connections using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology.
How do I check-in for a session?
You can check-in for your session from an hour before your scheduled timing.

Simply go to the “Schedule” tab in the app, select “Check-in”, and pass the vendor your booking pin.
What is your class cancellation policy?
­Activity cancellation policies vary for different partners.

View the activity details to read their cancellation policy prior to booking. If you cancel within the specified cancellation period, you will be refunded the amount used to book the activity.

However, if you book an activity and cancel after the specified cancellation period, Kiddet will refund you 50% of the amount used to book the activity. This policy helps ensure that others have an opportunity to take your spot.

If you book an activity, but fail to cancel and fail to show up, it will be labeled a “no show” and none of the amount paid will be refunded.

Kiddet credits will not be refunded in any situation.

If you have any cancellation issues, please contact us
What happens if the studio/vendor cancels the class?
In the unlikely event that a vendor cancels a session, we will let you know immediately and refund you the full amount.
Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you may cancel your membership at anytime by going to “Settings” and clicking “Log Out”.

There are no refunds for unused Kiddet credits in your wallet. When you cancel your membership, you will not be able to book any more classes in the future.

However, you will be able to attend classes you have booked for prior to cancelling your membership.
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