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Buddhist art first emerged in India after the Buddha’s Parinirvana. With the introduction and spreading of Buddhism to other Asian countries, Buddhist art artifacts also began to appear in China, Korea, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia and many other countries. With historical value, beautiful forms and profound meaning, Buddhist artifacts have been sought after by museums and collectors from all around the world. However, very few collectors are collecting or exhibiting these artifacts for the purpose of introducing the aspirations and Teachings of Buddha Himself.

Therefore, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum established the Buddhist Culture Museum, endeavour its mission to collect, research and exhibit Buddhist artifacts from Asia region to encourage deeper understanding of Buddhism. By telling the story and meaning behind the artifacts, Buddhist Culture Museum hopes to share with visitors from all around the world the life story of Buddha Sakyamuni, the profound meaning of His Teachings, as well as the rich history and culture of Buddhism.
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