Passport to PI Programme (Module III)
Passport to Primary 1 is an inquiry-based camp filled with activities for children to deal with everyday situations school that impact them academically, socially and emotionally. In this last module of a three-part series, children are faced with a series of tasks that will enhance both their EQ and IQ development, helping them make a smoother transit from Kindergarten to Primary 1.

8 Dec: EQ: Let's leap off into greatness
Children love trampolines. Not only is it fun, it builds confidence. Children can look forward to challenging, yet fun tasks that teach them the power of resilience and hone their social skills as they cheer each other on.

Learning nuggets: Promotes cardiovascular health, teaches perseverance and improvement, develops motor skills, coordination and control, helps campers understand the important balance of work and play.

9 Dec: IQ: Let's Be Money Smart!
Empower your child's financial literary skills by engaging them in a series of activities that enhance their knowledge, experience and skills in money management. Hands-on experience in buying their own lunch will prepare them for primary school, where they will be buying food from the canteen. Please bring $3 for recess money.

Learning nuggets: money recognition and identification, understanding the importance of money management, develop confidence in handling money.

Camp runs 8 December (Katapult, Yishun) and 9 December (Hi-Tech Building, Serangoon North Ave 5).
6Y to 7Y
81 Lorong Chencharu, 769198
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