Nursery Rhymes x Code
Start your child on their journey in logical thinking with Coding Lab's immersive and enriching preschool programme, suitable for ages 4-6, to give them a head start in coding. Involving physical activity, where they get the chance to learn logic and commands using live-sized blocks, children get to act out these commands with their classmates, with lots of running around (specially designed for active little ones!).

Themes range from Nursery Rhymes, Stories, Nature and Fairy Tales, subjects that your little ones love the most, to engage all their senses as they are challenged to think logically, whether it is to program a fairy to fly, vanquish evil with a Wizard’s wand, or making monkeys jump on the bed at different speeds.

With Coding Lab's MIT-inspired curriculum and small class ratio (1:6), your child is guaranteed a strong start on their foundation in Coding and Mathematics which will put them in good stead for the Elementary/Primary School curriculum.

Come and join us for hours of fun at Coding Lab's campus!
4Y to 6Y
Upper Bukit Timah
Upper Bukit Timah
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