littleBits Electronics x Design Thinking
What if kids could create their own piggy bank that buzzes when they save a coin? Or a toy dinosaur that flashes its eyes when someone is about to enter the room?

littleBits are fun electronic modules that invite kids to get creative while learning. Like Lego, littleBits are small, simple, intuitive blocks that snap together with tiny magnets.

Kids can make wonderfully complex projects with very little engineering knowledge. Learning about electronics has never been this fun!

Saturday Kids have created this course to give kids an introduction to design thinking - in a practical and fun setting, using littleBits to bring it to life. They will learn to experiment and explore, understand the uses of the products they're inventing and engage their creativity to build prototypes of their own electronic inventions!

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This class will take place at Fidgets World. In addition to the Beginner's Scratch course, your kids ages 10 and below will also get access for unlimited play at the Play Scape in Fidgets World for the days of the course as a bonus! (
7Y to 12Y
Fidgets World
10 Square @ Orchard Central
Collision 8
One Kind House
Fidgets World
200 Turf Club Rd, #03-10, The Grandstand , 287994
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