Junior Tech Creators Holiday Coding Camp
Create Lab’s “Junior Tech Creators” holiday coding camps aim to introduce your children to the power of technology as a tool to create and imagine, rather than just consume.

These camps enable children to express creatively through technology and encourage Computational Thinking – a powerful thought process that enhances 21st Century competencies of critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration. Our camps inspire children to acquire skills and attitudes that will allow them to thrive in a future that will be dominated by technological change. Developed by world leading academics, Create Lab’s curriculum focuses on a lot more than just Coding and holistically include Design, Interactive Robots and Unplugged Learning in an environment that emphasises creativity, imagination and having fun!COURSE OUTLINE:
Day 1: Learn what it means to be an “Innovator” and that solving problems is faster and more fun when done as a Team!

Children will be exposed to the basic concepts of design, materials, and technology using Design Innovation. They will understand that many aspects of modern life are a result of innovation and original thinking and how these ideas can be applied to themselves. The children will then be tasked with solving a specific problem as a team using limited resources, which will require them to engage in communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity – 21st Century competencies.

Day 2: Computer Science is not just about computers! Welcome a new member to your Team – Dash the robot!

Building upon the concepts of Day 1, children will be exposed to the basics of Computer Science, including sequencing and debugging, using only graph paper, pens, and pencils. This will give them an understanding that Computational Thinking is not just about computers. Children will then be introduced to Wonder Workshop’s “Dash” robot where they will have to use logic, creativity and collaboration see these concepts come to life. They will also be exposed to the role of robots in our world.

Day 3: Let’s get coding! Learn the basics and start seeing results right away!

Children will be introduced to the Scratch Jr, a visual programming language developed by MIT. Easy to learn and relate to, children will explore Scratch Jr.’s functions and have fun writing their very first programs. Parents will get to celebrate all their children’s creations by accessing them from home.

Day 4: Become a 21st Century story-teller

Using the concepts they’ve learned, the children will be encouraged to code an interactive digital story where they will design and develop their own characters and script. Maybe it’s about Sofia the First or maybe it’s the Transformers! The choice is up to them and limited only by their imagination! Through this journey they will get to pick up valuable Computational Thinking skills.

Please note that each camp will only proceed with a minimum sign-up of 3 students. Participants are expected to bring their own laptops. Alternatively, you may rent one from us for a one time, flat fee of SGD50 during check-out. All other course materials including tablet computers will be provided.
6Y to 8Y
National Design Centre
National Design Centre
111 Middle Road, 188969
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