FreestyleGym Camp
With gymnastics being the core foundation to many new sports and performance arts, GWM camps are seeing children join them from a wide range of sporting backgrounds. From break dancers to free-runners, parkourists to martial artists, and those that just love to be up-side down!

Their FreestyleGym Program combines the acrobatic and gymnastics elements of all these sports to give children a strong technical background to perform the lastest Parkour skills in a soft and safe environment.

Free-running and Parkour have taken the globe by storm, with thousands of YouTube videos online, stunts in movies and a string of "street" circuses opening up this style of gymnastics to the masses.

However, kids watching these videos and keen to start participating are often unaware of the basic strength and physical preparation the body needs to be able to perform these skills consistently and safely.

The GWM FreestyleGym program breaks down the skills into easy-to-learn stages and takes children through the necessary full body conditioning to enable them to have continued and fast progression through the skills.
- Junior FreestyleGym classes for boys and girls aged 7-10 years
- Senior FreestyleGym classes for boys and girls aged 11+ years
7Y to 12.99Y
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