Confident Tech Creators Holiday Coding Camp
This “Confident Tech Creators” holiday coding camp aims to unleash your child’s creativity and empower them to become problem solvers both in school and in the real world.

The camp enables children to express creatively through technology and encourage Computational Thinking – a powerful thought process that enhances 21st Century competencies of critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration. It also inspires children to acquire skills and attitudes that will allow them to thrive in a future that will be dominated by technological change. Developed by world leading academics, the curriculum focuses on a lot more than just Coding and holistically includes Design, Interactive Robots and Unplugged Learning in an environment that emphasises creativity, imagination and having fun!

Day 1: Learn computer science without computers!

Children will be exposed to the basics of Computer Science, including algorithms, operators, etc. using only graph paper, pens and pencils. This will give them an understanding that Computational Thinking is not just about computers. Children will then be introduced to Wonder Workshops’ “Dash & Dot” robots who will take them on an adventure through logic, creativity and collaboration to solve problems.

Day 2: Tell a story, make new friends and be a computer programmer along the way!

Children will be introduced to the Scratch, a visual programming language developed by MIT. Easy to learn and relate to, children will explore Scratch functions and have fun by working with their classmates in writing their very first programs. A “show-and-tell” at the end of the class will give them a chance to channel their inner public speaker. Parents get to be part of their accomplishment by accessing their creations from home.

Day 3: Design, draw and create!

Exploration into Scratch will continue as a wider range of programming functions get introduced. Children will learn about conditionals, variables, and iterations. They will be encouraged to develop a game on their own where they will design their own characters. Maybe it could be Elsa and Anna. Maybe it’s the Transformers! The choice is up to them and limited only by their imagination! Through this journey they will get to pick up valuable Computational Thinking skills.

Day 4: Technology is more than a screen and a keyboard. Learn by getting your hands dirty!

To keep the pace of our lessons creative, inventive, and imaginative, we conclude our workshop by introducing children to Makey Makey – a simple invention kit for beginners developed by former MIT students. Children will get an understanding of how circuits work and incorporate real world stimulus such as touch and feel to the projects they designed the day before. This will help children realise technology is everywhere – not just inside a computer – and how to interact with it for various creative outcomes.

Please note that each camp will only proceed with a minimum sign-up of 3 students. Camp Requirements : Participants are expected to bring their own laptops. Alternatively, you may rent one from us for a one time, flat fee of SGD50 during check-out. All other course materials including tablet computers will be provided.
9Y to 12Y
National Design Centre
National Design Centre
111 Middle Road, 188969
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