CompetitiveGym Camp
The CompetitiveGym program is designed for gymnasts who have competitive experience either within a school team or club program.

The program training groups are categorized according to the Australian NDP Levels outline - the primary gymnastics curriculum used throughout South East Asia.

CompetitiveGym camps are a great opportunity for gymnasts from different clubs to come together, make great friendships and motivate each other to keep pushing forward with their development.

For both our girls and boys groups, camp season is all about trying new skills and building strength. With the competition season over it's all about having fun and testing their limits.

Working with our team of highly qualified competitive coaches, gymnasts are able to train towards their own personal goals. To ensure gymnasts are getting the best training available and competitive on a global scale our CompetitiveGym program is a hybrid of components from the Australian, American and British National Development Programs.

The Yard Competitive camps are ideal for gymnasts looking to stay fit over the holidays, for ex-gymnasts wanting to get back into the gym, and those looking to push towards the next level of competition.

Every gymnast attending the Yard Competitive camps leaves stronger, fitter and armed with new skills for the new competitive season.

Level 1-2: morning session
Level 3-5: afternoon session
7Y to 12.99Y
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