Children's Judo One Month - Multi-session Weekly
This packages allows access to up to 3 classes a week with S A Judo Academy! Perfect for little ones who want to develop their training.

Judo helps one develop basic and fundamental physical fitness from a young age, such as strength, flexibility, agility, speed, balance, and endurance. Through the use of attack and defense, children are trained to have a faster reaction time, better coordination, and overall greater self-confidence. Judo is also a martial art that builds character in the understanding of the sport and its rigorous practice. Children are taught to respect one another and to be responsible for one another's safety.

New comers will be given special attention by an experienced trainer in the learning of basics, such as fundamental throws and breakfalls.The child will be provided sufficient practice before joining the rest to ensure their safety. We also maintain a healthy coach-to-student ratio with at least 4 coaches every class.
5Y to 12Y
S A Budo Centre
S A Budo Centre
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