Beginner Computhink for Kids (10-12yo)
What if your kid could write codes and design programs? What would they create?

Computer classes for kids start with the Beginner Computhink for Kids! class at Computhink. This is an introductory program for kids to learn about programming (or coding) in a fun and enjoyable way via Scratch (developed by MIT). Your kid will learn techniques to think like a programmer and apply Computational Thinking concepts to create mini games, animations or story projects of their choice.

At Computhink, we teach programming by using visual blocks with drag and drop functions where minimal typing is required. Our tried and tested approach makes it easy and fun for your child to create anything as quickly as they can imagine it, while picking up programming skills.

With these basic programming concepts learnt at the Beginner Computhink for Kids! class, your kid can progress in his or her interest by joining our Computhink Code Club which provides weekly programming guided practice and exposes him or her to various programming languages. Kids will learn how these same basic programming concepts are applied in the other programming languages to do different things such as building a website or creating mobile apps and games.

Learning Goals
- Learn the basics of Visual Block Programming (VBP) using Scratch (Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. (See for more information);
- Acquire basic programming skills and coding concepts that professional programmers use in their daily work;
- Harness the opportunities to think, to imagine, to explore, to create and most importantly, learn something useful while having fun; and
- Develop an ability to think like a Programmer and apply Computational Thinking concepts to create mini games or animations of your kid’s choice.

Course runs from Sep 5-8.
10Y to 12Y
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