Muay Thai Kids Single Class
Our Muay Thai training programs offer kids a sturdy foundation in martial arts, leading to a well-rounded individual. The main goal of the programs is to equip your kid with life-skill through martial arts practice. The instructors combine self-defense techniques, physical education and cardiovascular conditioning to help improve your child’s coordination, agility, and motor skills.

Contrary to popular belief, Kids’ Muay Thai training programs do not make them violent. The kids’ programs in Singapore are based on a principle that bullying and violence can be handled through non-violent techniques. Your kid will gain the confidence needed to take control of his/her life and confront bullies in proven and safe manner.

Muay Thai training programs also aid your kid to develop crucial values and character traits

.Benefits of Enrolling Your Kid into our Muay Thai Training Program:
- Self-defense against bullies
- Life skills to stand out in all areas of your kids life
- A healthy, productive and happy lifestyle
- Build strong friendships and social skills
- Discipline, mental strength confidence and focus.
- Authentic World Champions and instructors
- Excellence of mind, spirit and body
6Y to 10Y
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