Infant Swimming Trial
Learning how to swim should be the one of the first skills taught to any baby. However, most parents only begin sending their kids for swimming lessons when they are much older.

Smile Swimmers has a specialised baby swimming lessons customised for infants aged between 3 to 12 months old. Their baby swimming lessons are designed by their talented swimming coach, Kidd.

For Smile Swimmer's baby swimming lessons, parents are required to accompany their babies in the water during the lesson. This will greatly help them to build up their water confidence with the presence of their parents.

At this stage, basic swimming skills are being taught to the babies with less instructional based teaching. Water survival and manoeuvre skills will be taught to prepare them for advanced swimming classes when they advance to other levels.

The lessons are structured to focus on the following domains:
- Water survival skills
- Water manoeuvre/movement
- Body balancing and stabilising in water
- Body coordination

This is a one-time trial. Our partners reserve the right to reject any user who has attended more than once.
3M to 12M
Bedok Swimming Complex
Tampines Swimming Complex
Yishun Swimming Complex
Bedok Swimming Complex
901 New Upper Changi Road, 467355
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