Clay Art Trial
Presenting a form of creative art that inspires the child’s imagination and creativity during early childhood development, clay art has proven to be extremely beneficial in improving your child’s cognitive development, concentration skill and strengthening the hand-eye motor coordination. It can also help sharpen their sensory skill and aid them in developing perceptual abilities through awareness of colours, shapes and forms.

Clayworks’ creative art programmes provide opportunities for children to make choices and solve problems such as using colours to attach different forms of shapes to form their desired clay figurines. Such clay works certainly help to increase the child’s attention span and to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Clayworks’ clay is soft and light, and hardens when air-dried. It is easy to shape without the need for glue and it leaves no stains on hands. There are 8 basic vibrant colours that are easily mixable to form new colours, thus providing the children with unlimited room for creative expression. Most importantly, the clay is non-toxic and definitely safe for children, having been tested to conform to the ASTM standards for Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety.

The timetable for the Clay Art lessons is flexible where parents can plan for the kid’s art class around their routine. Clay Works Art School is open daily (except Mondays) and on most public holidays.

The Clay Art curriculum are designed for different age groups :
- The “Play n Clay” programmes for N1 to K2 students,
- The “Junior Art” programmes for P1 to S4 students.
3Y to 12Y
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