Artistic Writing Programme (P1-P3)
Artistic Strategies' weekly group classes are typically 1.5 hours per session, and will give your child consistent writing practice and regular feedback from the teacher. At the end of every month, the parents will be given a Progress Report showing the child's strengths and areas of improvement.

Here's what a typical Artistic Writing™ class would look like:
Step 1 - Building vocaulary
Step 2 - Visualise and create
Step 3 - Generate ideas
Step 4 - Respond and write
Step 5 - Refine and evaluate

These classes are designed to give your children the consistent practice and the regular feedback from the instructor that they need to become good writers.

These are the skills that Artistic Strategies' students will acquire from attending their classes:
- Social emotional
- Creative and critical thinking
- Language
- Evaluative and analytical
- Reflectiv

Please note that a minimum of 3 students are required for the class to commence. Writing workbooks purchased separately.
6Y to 9Y
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